About Me

Hi.  I’m Rob Eubanks.  This site is mostly a playground for me to experiment with various stuff.  I’ve installed Joomla and Drupal and now WordPress.  I’ve built forums and talked game design with my friends (collectively known as Department 11).

I manage multimedia for Groupon and I used to be at a global law firm based out of Chicago.  I love gadgets and tinkering with things.  And as much as I love my adopted hometown, I love getting outside and walking or biking.

Where I live and breathe though, is stories.  I love storytelling.  I love the fact that as a species, humans tell each other stories and that the stories we tell inform both the storyteller and the listener.  I’m often playing a game (great storytelling vehicles!) or watching a movie or show.  Dear lord, the books I’ve read.  I went digital after the last time we moved because I can’t carry that many boxes up and down three flights of stairs ever again.  I take photos and fool around with video.  I draw now and then or poke around with a wacom tablet.  But banging keys or wrestling with a pen is where I should be all the time.  If I’m not, someone poke me with a stick and tell me to get back at it.

If you want to know more, you can email me at  rceubanks@gmail.com.