Sith Rock? Darth ‘n Bass?

I decided the music = the Force.

Some days the music is the invisible thing that binds the universe together. Those are nice days.

Then there are days like today where I’m struggling, change the station, and then I’m all “Yessss, let the loud angry music flow through you.  Now you feel the power of the dark siiiiiiiiide.” as I cross off items off my list and chug black coffee.

2016 – One year past the future.

When I was growing up, 2015 one of the many dates plucked out of the aether as ‘the future’.  When writers and artists imagined the day after tomorrow, this is when it happened.  Technologies that changed mankind almost beyond recognition.  Travel to the stars and then beyond.

And now here we are.  2016.  Things are so much more mundane than we expected, which is probably always the case.  But at the same time, they are so much stranger than we supposed.

The fever dreams of the generations before are still alive today and getting odder and more interesting as we time travel the old fashioned and patient way.

If I have to grow old and gray to see the future, I’m willing, but deep down I see the future that could be, that should be.  As human and strange as can be, but real nonetheless.